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becomingapps.com is the site where you can get updates and related news about iPhone and iPad applications I develop.

The second application I bring you is called InsightMedi. InsightMedi is a platform targeted to healthcare professionals which combines social networking bases and photo-sharing capabilities for the medical community. InsightMedi is free. Have fun with it!

About The Apps

Applications developed and exposed on this site have no strict path or area of expertise. They are the result of curiosity and the ever evolving learning process.

Hopefully they will be useful, interesting, or fun to use. Feel free to give your feedback or request features on my contact section.

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Shared Resources

Here I'll share good-quality references in the form of tutorials, manuals, and more. I'll provide on this section top sites I've found along the way, hoping those of you interested in learning can take advantage of them, just as I have. If you're eager to start I'll recommend:

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It's always good to share what you find useful. If you like the or the I post for you feel free to forward them to your friends.

Many developers, specially small or independent ones, will appreciate your support and word of mouth.